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”Discover good food, fine wine, breathtaking views, warm and clear seas and long lazy meals in Tavernas by the sea. An island of incredible contrast, blanketed in sliver-green olive trees, regularly punctuated by elegant cypresses, it is one of the greenest of the Mediterranean islands and in spring, perhaps the most perfumed, with the heady aroma of wild flowers mingling with the spicy scents of wild sage, thyme and oregano.

Here you will find pretty bays in Greece, spectacular vistas and stunning sunsets. the coastline is a succession of sweeping bays with incredible mountain backdrops and, between the bays, deep crystal clear waters.

The north-eastern coast, where Mount Pantokrator seems to tumble straight into the sea is much more sheltered from the elements, yet you’ll discover a spectacular coastline with breathtaking views around every headland.”

Corfu is the most northerly of the Ionian Islands and is 35 miles long and approximately 15 miles wide. At the northern center, is ‘Mount Pantocrator’ with a height of just over 1000 meters.

The NE coast is made up of secluded bays, pretty fishing villages, gently shelving beaches and sparkling clear waters. The dramatic west coast, with its high cliffs and long sweeping sandy beaches, is a complete contrast.

Having been under Greek, Roman, Venetian, French and British rule during its history, Corfu has a sprinkling of all these cultures whilst remaining Greek. The fascinating old Venetian town of Corfu is a maze of narrow streets where English, French and Venetian architecture happily co-exist. Dominated by the 16th century fortress, the town offers traditional cafes, ouzeries and tavernas alongside smart cosmopolitan boutiques and sophisticated restaurants.

Inland there are a myriad of villages that seem totally untouched by tourism; stop and explore and meet the Corfiot people, warm and friendly. Discover deserted villages such as Byzantine Perithia high in the foothills of Mount Pantokrator, nowadays inhabited only by goats and sheep.

Laze by a pool, or discover the coast at a languid pace by boat, available for hire, discover tiny secret coves reached only from the sea, delightful bays whose dazzling white shingle beaches give some of the best and clearest swimming waters you’ll find in the Mediterranean.

Incredibly varied, the island has something to offer for everyone, and judging by the number of visitors who return year after year, a great deal to offer to many.

Renting a car is the most flexible way of exploring. The roads are a little challenging, but well worth the effort. Greek roads are not like most North European roads – look out for pot-holes, hairpin bends at every 50 meters, laden donkeys and in August ‘the Italians!’ The overriding problem though is ‘olives’.

Yes most of the roads are olive tree lined – the olives fall onto the road to be squashed by your rental Suzuki Jeep’s tires, ensuring that only the finest quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is drizzled onto the tarmac!

Watch out, this combination is more slippery than black-ice. Not surprisingly, seatbelts are recommended. Laws governing drink-driving, are similar to those in other EU countries, but are rarely enforced – the deep ravines by the roadsides seem to take care of any offenders!

This said, if you are careful, driving in Corfu is a stunning experience, with breathtaking views around every corner.

Corfu is unique in that it provides so many diverse holiday locations. Its beaches are no exception. If you are looking for long sweeping sandy bays; little rocky coves; or deserted bays – Corfu can easily offer you all of these.

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