Amsterdam is the largest city in The Netherlands.

People travel from around the world to visit a number of historic sites and to experience Amsterdam. This city is home to over 750,000 residents from 180 countries. Visitors flock to Amsterdam all year round because the temperature is mild, with calm winters and cool summers. Across the city visitors will find a number of unique neighborhoods and boroughs that showcase the history of the city. Within each neighborhood there’s a combined 1,215 bars and cafes, 51 museums and 881,000 bicycles lining the city as of 2012.

Amsterdam is the largest city in The Netherlands

Anyone interested in visiting Amsterdam can arrive via boat, car (or bus), train or air. Ferries arrive daily from Harwick to van Holland or Newcastle to IJmuiden. Arrive with your car and drive to your destination or pick up a bus or taxi from the terminal. When flying into Amsterdam, all tourists fly into the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From the airport take a taxi, Connexxion bus, train or hotel shuttle to the final destination. Tickets are purchased beforehand online or at the airport.Around Amsterdam there are five major train stations for those arriving via train.This includes Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam Oost and Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdram-West, Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam Zuid Oost. Once in Amsterdam, rent a bike or find the most convenient public transportation for your stay. The city offers taxis, buses and train service.

Once in the city, the first order of business is to pick and choose which of the 51 museums are of most interest to you. Amsterdam’s history is rich and well documented. Most visitors make it a priority to go to the Anne Frank House. Inside you will find where Anne Frank hid from the Natzis and documented the entire fearful journey in her diary. Most students read her story in history class or books, it nearly comes to life before your eyes.The Van Gogh museum is also a popular stop because he is one of the most world famous artists.View paintings and drawings from throughout his career and learn about the man behind the art. Those interested in science choose to visit the Nemo Science Museum to explore the latest trends in technology and the history of scientific advancement in Amsterdam.

If you are concerned that you can’t fit in all of Amsterdam during your stay, choose a guided tour to make the most of your visit. The canal is the center point of Amsterdam and one of the most beautiful areas in the city. Take a cruise down the canal to take in the scenery. Three tours are even offered along the canal as a hop-on, hop-off tour. This means you buy a ticket in the morning, get on the boat and get off at any attraction you wish to visit.Enter the museum, shops or cafes and take your time enjoying the attraction.Once you’re done, get back on the boat to further explore Amsterdam. Your ticket is valid for 24 or 48 hours. Guided tours are the best way to get your bearings in a foreign city. Keep in mind you not only get a tour, but free transportation to the most popular attractions.

Plan your trip to Amsterdam today to experience The Netherlands and its rich culture.

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